For my independent project I chose to develop my skills in the studio of YoYo Games.
YoYo Games - Game Maker is the best tool available for creating games because you can make anything you can imagine with it, and not have to worry about the         
complicated technicalities typically associated with making software; like
compiling, libraries, runtimes, memory, drivers, devices and hardware
compatibility.  I found it quite fun and after the tutorial it was rather easy to use.
Students will really benefit from this activity for it is extremely engaging! Special needs students will find the colours and sounds stimulating and will want to complete the task. Achieving this ensures students are able to Develop and modify programs. There is a huge variety of themes and levels so age and ability will all be tailored for successfully.

Relevant links to Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting
Authority (ACARA, 2013):

2.4 Identify, explore, and use digital systems (hardware and software
components) for personal and classroom needs

4.4 Use a range of digital systems and peripherals for diverse
purposes, and transmit different types of data

4.6 Design and implement simple visual programs with user input
and branching

6.7 Design and implement digital solutions using visual programs
with user input, branching and iteration

8.9 Develop and modify programs with user interfaces involving
branching, repetition or iteration and subprograms in a general-purpose
programming language

 8.10 Manage the sequence of tasks, the types of processes and the
resources needed to develop software that meets user requirements


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