In Phase two we are to extend our knowledge of Scratch and computer programming by engaging in self-directed exploration of programming with Scratch. I chose to build another race car game and make the track itself a complete track instead of just point A to point B.

Draft Australian Curriculum: Technology (ACARA, 2013). 

2.4 – Identify, explore and use digital systems (hardware and software
components) for personal and classroom needs
 2.5 – Follow, describe, represent and play with a sequence of steps and
decisions needed to solve simple problems
 4.5 – Define simple problems, and follow and describe the algorithms
(sequence of steps and decisions) needed to solve them
 6.6 – Follow, modify and describe simple algorithms involving sequence of
steps, decisions, and repetitions that are represented diagrammatically and in
plain English
 6.7 – Design and implement digital solutions using visual programs with user
input, branching and iteration.

Learning Potentials

I found within this activity of the extension of the race car, it is a very structured way to establish new ideas through scaffolding.  With this activity I feel as though it will be suitable for those students who finish  first or better yet, they find the first activity of phase one basic and have the desire to move onto a more advance level.

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