I am currently on twitter and following many experts in the industry not only for education, but for special needs organisations and professionals.  I am currently in the process of interacting with 'Autism Awareness' @AutismAware who are currently tweeting about providing these wonderful children with apps etc. to communicate.
My query to these experts what whether these apps are providing opportunities or barriers for these children.
They continue to refer back to a documentry on the television show 60min which gave the perspective of the benefits apps and iPads create for children with autism.

I am also in the process of following the @WeAreTeachers site as I feel they provide some fabulous infomation about relevant resources that can be used within the classroom and online.
Opinions from fellow teachers are also stated which helps me to understand the overall view of certain products and programs in the industry.  I connected with this site and as they were discussing resources online to use on the interactive whiteboard.  I asked of their opinion of what resources would be relevant for those children with special needs and the conversation continues.

I am finding twitter to be a great resource in itelf to connect to experts and professionals in the industry.  Even by following a professional on Twitter allows me to read posts and discussions about interesting topics relevant to my collection.

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